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Sri Amma Bhagavan Sacred Chambers

A Divine Space for Healing and Spiritual Transformation

An extraordinary Phenomenon has just been released across the planet where people can experience their Divine in a very physical and tangible way for the purpose of healing, awakening, and miracles.

Sacred Chambers consists of 3 Sacred rooms /chambers where you connect directly with Divine Consciousness allowing your Divine to bring about profound Healing and Transformation in your life.Many times Sri Bhagavan has said that the Golden Age will be a time when each of us will walk and talk with our God.

That time has come. All over the world the phenomenon, the Divine becoming physical, is occurring.

The Sacred Chamber process is a worldwide, nondenominational phenomena offered locally, here in Southern California to facilitate your Divine becoming physical with you.

You have the opportunity for profound healing and a direct interaction
with your Divine, or Higher Self.

After you make an appointment, and arrive on the day you are scheduled, you will enter the first “chamber,”  where you will be given an overview of the day and lead into meditations to contemplate
various aspects of your life.

Then we will guide you to look into how you can deepen your bond with your Divine.

Participants, one by one, take their prayers and intentions into the second Chamber, a small room where the emphasis is on healing and preparation for the third chamber. In this second room, or “chamber,” you would express your deepest desires, either out loud or quietly (most powerful if spoken aloud), for physical healing, awakening, or anything at all.

The third chamber is where the person asks specifically for what he / she wants. We listen, we receive, and we may get physical healing, abundance, guidance, insights, or miracles, as is often the case in India and other parts of the world where this process is offered.

follow Time Commitment Plan on spending 4-5 hours. This time will be spent in silent contemplation.
(Chamber hosts go on hiatus periodically, so check back.) S A N T A   M O N I C A
CJ Bigelow
Email Me | Call Me: 310-741-3557
139 Fraser Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Brenda Pareja
Nandita Swamy

S A N   D I E G O   A R E A
Bhaskara & Sudha

Thia Lamborne       760-487-1971

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